Passion & Purity: 14 Honor Above Passion

Most people don’t find the sadistic romantic side of heart brake as a good thing like I do (not when it happens to me of coarse).  So why did Jim and Elisabeth allow themselves to go through that?


It would not have to honoring to the other person to tempt them away from God’s will for their lives.  God would have also been dishonored if they stayed from His will as well and that was the important thing.

The poem at the end of the chapter reminded me if something Edward said to me.  “You don’t want to be the one I love most.  You want me to love God more and you are going to hold me to that.”

"That’s because you can’t love me right if you don’t," I said.

Almost a month after that, we were being very dishonorable to each other and God.  As some point he snapped out of it. “Cheyene, we have to stop.”

"But you don’t want to," I said just before taking action to ensure my seduction.

"But we must."

The poor man then had the job of turning me off.

He stopped because he remembered his love for God.  If he was only loving me at the time we would have gone though it.  I failed to hold him to it but he was holding me to it.

Dear Lord, I’m sorry for how I treated you and Edward that day.  Thank you for making Edward honorable.  Forgive us for what we have done.  Show us what is next for us and if it be Your will that we not entangle our emotions with each other again I ask that you sever us.