Passion & Purity: 15 Little Deaths

I was disturbed to find that I could not think, read, or pray except about Jim Elliot.  He loomed in ever thought, every line I read in the Bible or anywhere else.  He got mixed up in morphology, syntax, and phonetics I was stuffing in my head.

Please tell me I wasn’t that bad.

I spoke of Spider-Man leaving Mary Jane before and while I was always proud of him for doing it, I thought it was cruel to make sure that she didn’t love him anymore.  Ya know brake her heart in such a way as to make sure she didn’t want to love him anymore.  What is the poor girl to do?

This chapter has the answer that Mary Jane and I need to detach our hearts from whatever is outside God will (not that Mary Jane was thinking about that but work with me here).

Death of self.

I need to kill off the selfish wants of my heart and replace them with ones God has for me.  This allows me to live in His will, live the fulfilled live He has for me.  Basically saying not my will but Thine.

Death isn’t painless but the life offered afterward is worth it.