Cheyene Travels: Sister Finished Her Freshmen Year

As I got in the van mommy gave me a worried glance.  She knew that I was due for one of my sick fits and she knew I looked close to one.  I had packed my medication and lots of books (When the Touch of God Hurts by Dr. Thomas E. Bish, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Es Personal: Diario Biblico por Steven B. Curington, Stronghold Study Course from RU, Nevertheless I Live by Steven B. Curington, The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan, A Worthy Model by  Wendy Burks (in case I ran out of Art of War) and The Betrayal (Abram’s Daughters #2) by Beverly Lewis (in case I ran out of Sushi for One by Camy Tang on my kindle)) so I wouldn’t get board.

And I’m trying to write less.

I spent the whole trip very sick and relying on all the caffeine I could get my hands on to keep my blood presser up.  Meanwhile mommy is reading through When the Touch of God Hurts faster than me.

No one finishes a book before me.  I’m glad I read it too.  My health was perfect for the encouragement than it offered.

We got to the hotel and I go straight to bed as the room spun around me.  Grateful to be out of the van.  I soon had to go out to my sister’s college choir performance.

I sat there allowing the music therapy to sooth my pain and nausea.  Afterward we take my sister and her boyfriend out to Friendly’s. I had sorbet because I couldn’t handle ice cream with my upset stomach.

I didn’t sleep than night because my parents snored all night.  I set up my pillows the best I could to block the sound but nothing worked.  I spent the night praying for sleep and the salvation of Edward’s parents.

The next day I was better but still trying to be careful.  We went to my sister’s church took her and her boyfriend to a nice Italian place. The place had fresh bread before the meal and the dating couple was so cute as they broke bread together.  I finished When the Touch of God Hurts about this time before mommy.

I get a lot of book section of Savers.  I don’t buy a copy The Time Traveler’s Wife.  I know that there were scenes from them movie that were carefully shot.  I don’t mind reading “He took off his shirt.” I do mind reading “He took off his shirt showing…” so without someone checking the book before me I wasn’t going to read it.

We return to church that night and even though I had no sleep, I was awake during every sermon that day.

The next day I woke rested because the snoring wasn’t as bad.  We go shopping and while everyone else is buying clothes I bought more books. My total books bought when stacked on their side are taller than a foot.

We had the graduation of the senors from her school that night.  We went to Friendly’s again.

The next day the boys from the school lined up to say good bye to my sister.  As we drove home I had to keep my thoughts in check.  I finished my current play list before switching to my anti-addiction play list.  I don’t want to rely on music but I felt like it was a usable tool at the time.

Then we got home.

People are born selfish and self-centered. Every man since Adam was born with a dead spirit. When you were saved, that spirit came alive as the Holy Spirit came to dwell within you. Anything touched by God comes alive!
Steven Curington, Nevertheless I Live

Meeting your responsibility to God will remove your addiction!
Steven B. Curington, Nevertheless I Live

Nevertheless I Live: post 1

Chapter 1
One Why, One True, One Life, Once to Die
Self-Help Programs

^ that is where I’m starting.  It’s the first page.  We focus on ways out of addiction and the common ways to fail.  Every program has a chance to work of course but the best way out of addiction is to have God change your heart.

We start with self-help programs.  They promote high self-esteem and higher thinking of ones self to overcome addiction.  They tell you that you know your better than that and have the power to stop yourself.

Pride is a lovely thing called a sin.  I have yet to find anything in the Bible saying that we should have any pride in ourselves.  Neither has Steven Currington, he found, “Pride goeth before before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

There is something that can make us make us each feel special though.  God died and thought of each of us so we could be forgiven.  Our self worth comes from God’s sacrifice for us.  We need to humble ourselves to accept that we can’t do it ourselves and hand ourselves over to Him.

Nevertheless I Live: A post to introduce

Nevertheless I Live by Steven Curington is the text book used by Reformers Unanimous. I read the first chapter a few weeks ago and tried to post a chapter review but there was too much covered in a chapter. I’m going to post about topics from the book every now and then. So let’s see how this goes.

Reformers Unanimous 1/27/12

Tonight was a different night for us.  Most of the on a mission trip out of the country.  The high school at that church had a play on Fanny Crosby. My sister’s best friend was playing the lead and my pastor’s son had a small part.  My pastor doesn’t know I relapsed. So it was a good thing that I didn’t wear my my RU badge.

During intermission we did our challenges. 6 challenges?  I wasn’t even trying this week.

I didn’t like the end of the play.  Fanny died and went to heaven and got all this honor.  Should people be too busy honoring God too honor her?

So after the play we got alone and hand second talk, the only talk we get that night.  We were asked about our favourit principle.  Mine is number 1; If God is against it so am I.  I thought I was good at that until God turned it in to If God is for it so am I.  This principle showed me that God was for me being a woman and so should I.  Remembering that God has made me a woman to be a woman amazingly has helped me saying no to my addiction.  I don’t know why.

I got home and replaced third talk with the first chapter of Neverthelss I Live, the RU textbook.  The first time I broke free of my addiction I used guilt.  I was holding sin that God had forgiven me for against myself as a reason keep from going down that path.  When Edward meant me and learned my past, he told me to for give myself and be happy that I was clean for 2 years.  I took that advice and became prideful.  Pride comes before destruction.  Edward was right about me forgiving myself it was me who forgot where that victory came from and took pride in it.  That might be why God had me thank Him for my day count.

Freedom from addiction is not freedom from drugs and alcohol; it is not freedom from pornography; and it is not freedom from smoking, television, or the love of money. Freedom from addiction is being out from under the control of this world and under the control of Jesus.  Freedom is control. It is not what controls you that separates freedom from bondage, its who control you that separates freedom from bondage. That is God’s honest Truth.