I walk across the street.  I know the safe path down the rocks on the other side since childhood.  I would wonder the rocky shore by myself in those young years.  The icy water ripples its way to the cold rocks around me.  The hum from the barn and the mooing of the cows in the pasture mingle with the sound of the water.  I can truly feel peace here.  There is no comfort of sand, hay or sod.  Just pointy rocks all around.  Yet I am fully relaxed here.

Passion & Purity: 16 Life From Death

This chapter is about one of my lest favourit subjects; peace.

I don’t like peace.  Call me a freak but I would rather have a battle on my hands then the a spa day.  I’m sure this means there is something wrong with me.

The only times I seem to be at peace about being at peace is when I’m at or around water.  The bigger the waves the better too.  I just feel at peace there and that its just me and God there some times.  I know its dangerous sometimes but love the peace I get from it.  It the greatest part of God’s creation.

I never want to live too far away from the sea.

God spoke peaces into my emotional turmoil because I was asking for it and looking for it and being silent enough to hear it.

I’ve been asking for my love of Edward to be taken away.  Instead should I just be asking for peace and God’s way with my emotions?  Why does God still want me to love him?

My job is to do His will, not ask for His plan.

Dear Lord, I ask that you control my emotions.  Give me peace if that is Your will.  Dear Lord, help me be at peace with peace.