I finished The Art of War yesterday. Meaning that by Monday I should start doing chapter reviews of A Worthy Model. However the recommendations for me to read Crazy Love keep piling in from followers and advisers. If I get the money to download a copy before Monday I might skip ahead to that one.

Also I just finished with an interview with a theater for an ushers position.  Please pray that I get it.  It would be a good non-political jig for me.

The Lost Art of War: 26 Losses of Commanders

We as Christians are called to be leaders in defending the faith in spiritual war.  I came across a chapter in The Lost Art of War about what weakens the commanders in battle and there are some that can be applied to our Christian walk.  Not all of the points of the list made it through time so there will be some numbers I skip over.

  1. When they lose purpose in their maneuvering, they can be beaten.  When we move without without our love of God the devil can distract us away from God’s purpose.
  2. If they take in unruly people and deploy them, keep defeated soldiers and put them back in battle, and presume to have qualification they really lack, they can be beaten.  This made me think of the RU principle “Those that don’t love God won’t help you serve God.”
  3. If they keep arguing over judgements of right and wrong, and keep debating over elements of strategy, they can be beaten.  Hello over legalistic Christians that spend more time arguing about standards than loving people.
  4. If their orders are not carried out and their troops are not unified, they can be beaten.  Disobedience and disunity among the Christians weaken us.
  5. If their populace is embittered against their armed forces, they can be beaten.  I can best apply this to critical voices around us should be avoided.
  6. If their subordinates are refractory and their troops won’t work for them, they can be beaten.  If we do not work for God we can be distracted by the devil.  See David and Bathsheba.
  7. If an army is out in the field too long, it can be beaten.  Thank God we don’t have to worry about this one.  God has strength to give us if we are working for Him. However is you are wearing yourself out doing things outside God’s will you are vulnerable.
  8. If an army has reservations, it can be beaten.  If you hold anything back from God, that is where the devil will get his foothold.
  9. If the soldiers flee, they can be beaten.  If God has called you to a battle and you flee in fear, then the devil has won a battle.
  10. Lost in time.
  11. If the troops panic repeatedly, they can be beaten.  If you work in the flesh and not the Spirit, you forget God’s peace and tire.
  12. If the course of a military operation turns into a quagmire and everyone is miserable, they can be beaten.  While God do not bring us to anything He can’t get us through, we need to make sure we are kind and not harsh to others.
  13. If the troops are exhausted in the process of building fortifications, they can be beaten.  If God calls us to it, He gives the energy.  But if the the fortification were of the flesh, then Satan can take them down.
  14. Lost in time.
  15. If the day is coming to an end when there is yet far to go and the troops are eager to get there, they can be beaten.  If there is a goal in the Christian life that you are impatient for and rush for it before God’s time, Satan will use that against you.
  16. Lost in time.
  17. … the troops are afraid, they can be beaten.  If you have you confidence in anything but God, you can be beaten.
  18. If orders are repeatedly modified and the troops are dilatory, they can be beaten.  If you head the words of a person changing the Word of God, you can be beaten.
  19. If there is no esprit de corps and the troops and the troops do not credit their commanders and officers with ability, they can be beaten.  If we think God isn’t able to deliver, we can be beaten.
  20. If there is a lot of favoritism and the troops are lazy, they can be beaten. If we become lazy because we do not think we will be noticed for our work than we can be beaten.  Do not do the stuff to be seen anyway. Do it out of the love of God.
  21. If there is a lot of suspicion and the troops are in doubt, they can be beaten.  If we stand around accusing each other, than we can be beaten.
  22. If commanders hate to hear it when they’ve erred, they can be beaten.  If we do not take correction, we can be beaten.
  23. If they appoint incompetents, they can be beaten.  If we hang with those that are weak in their love of God, we can be beaten.
  24. If they keep their troops out in the field so long as to undermine their will, they can be beaten.  If we stay away from godly influences so long that the world starts to influence the soul, we can be beaten.
  25. If they are scheduled to go into combat but their minds are still divided, they can be beaten.  If we aren’t focused on God whole mindedly, than we can be beaten.
  26. If they count on the other side losing heart, they can be beaten.  If we expect the world to stop attacking, then we can be beaten.
  27. If their actions hurt people and they rely on ambush and deception, they can be beaten.  If you do not have the confidence to be honest now that God is on your side, you can be beaten.
  28. Lost in time.
  29. If the commanders oppress the soldiers, so the troops hate them, they can be beaten.  If we are forceful with legalistic standards, we can be beaten.
  30. If they cannot get out of the narrow straights in complete formation, they can be beaten.  If we are some place God didn’t send us, we can be beat.
  31. If the frontline soldiers and background and backup weaponry are not evenly arrayed in the forefront of the battle formation, they can be beaten.  If you are not fully armed with God’s Word, we can be beaten.
  32. If the worry so much about the front in battle that they leave the rear open, or they worry so much about the rear that they leave the front open, or worry so much about the left that they leave the right open, or worry so much about the right that they leave the left open — if they have any worry in combat, they can be defeated.  If we worry without God’s confidence, than we can be beaten.

Esther (from the Bible)The crew of the USS Enterprise (from Star Trek The Next Generation)Sun Tuz (The Art of War)
I’m good.

Esther (from the Bible)
The crew of the USS Enterprise (from Star Trek The Next Generation)
Sun Tuz (The Art of War)

I’m good.

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Cheyene Travels: Sister Finished Her Freshmen Year

As I got in the van mommy gave me a worried glance.  She knew that I was due for one of my sick fits and she knew I looked close to one.  I had packed my medication and lots of books (When the Touch of God Hurts by Dr. Thomas E. Bish, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Es Personal: Diario Biblico por Steven B. Curington, Stronghold Study Course from RU, Nevertheless I Live by Steven B. Curington, The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan, A Worthy Model by  Wendy Burks (in case I ran out of Art of War) and The Betrayal (Abram’s Daughters #2) by Beverly Lewis (in case I ran out of Sushi for One by Camy Tang on my kindle)) so I wouldn’t get board.

And I’m trying to write less.

I spent the whole trip very sick and relying on all the caffeine I could get my hands on to keep my blood presser up.  Meanwhile mommy is reading through When the Touch of God Hurts faster than me.

No one finishes a book before me.  I’m glad I read it too.  My health was perfect for the encouragement than it offered.

We got to the hotel and I go straight to bed as the room spun around me.  Grateful to be out of the van.  I soon had to go out to my sister’s college choir performance.

I sat there allowing the music therapy to sooth my pain and nausea.  Afterward we take my sister and her boyfriend out to Friendly’s. I had sorbet because I couldn’t handle ice cream with my upset stomach.

I didn’t sleep than night because my parents snored all night.  I set up my pillows the best I could to block the sound but nothing worked.  I spent the night praying for sleep and the salvation of Edward’s parents.

The next day I was better but still trying to be careful.  We went to my sister’s church took her and her boyfriend to a nice Italian place. The place had fresh bread before the meal and the dating couple was so cute as they broke bread together.  I finished When the Touch of God Hurts about this time before mommy.

I get a lot of book section of Savers.  I don’t buy a copy The Time Traveler’s Wife.  I know that there were scenes from them movie that were carefully shot.  I don’t mind reading “He took off his shirt.” I do mind reading “He took off his shirt showing…” so without someone checking the book before me I wasn’t going to read it.

We return to church that night and even though I had no sleep, I was awake during every sermon that day.

The next day I woke rested because the snoring wasn’t as bad.  We go shopping and while everyone else is buying clothes I bought more books. My total books bought when stacked on their side are taller than a foot.

We had the graduation of the senors from her school that night.  We went to Friendly’s again.

The next day the boys from the school lined up to say good bye to my sister.  As we drove home I had to keep my thoughts in check.  I finished my current play list before switching to my anti-addiction play list.  I don’t want to rely on music but I felt like it was a usable tool at the time.

Then we got home.

Just Friends

"I would swim through a yeerk pool for you for sure," I said to Edward like I have to every AZ.  "But you know I don’t want to use the word ‘love’ because it covers so much in English."

"The Greeks had it right with all there words for love," he typed back to me.  "I think I know how I love you though; agape."

I backed away from my computer as if it had just possessed with a ghost of an old friend.  That word was special.  You don’t just throw around agape.  I expected to hear it from only one person my whole life; my future husband.  Either way it crossed a line from friends to more than that.  A man and woman shouldn’t go there without making plans for a relationship.

I hadn’t met this man and I didn’t know he was an addict yet.

I started a voice call to scare him away while he said that I was just a friend and all the reasons why he “agaped” me.

"It didn’t mean romantic love," he said.

"But would you want to marry someone that could give you that better than romantic love?" I finally took control of whatever the relationship between is was threatening to be.  "We shouldn’t talk for a month without someone present.  Chad would be best.  Brian doesn’t have the time to keep an eye on us and Ruth would have this all over the forum in fifteen minuets and Ryan is trying to play match maker with us anyway."

"You think we are too close for male and female, don’t you?" he said.

"Ya think?"

A lot changed that month.  Edward learned that he wanted to care for me his whole life and I was female so did that mean that he was more than friends with me? I learned that I cared about weather or not he felt lonely and I wanted him to be happy and my relationship with males might be different because I was straight now.

By the end of that month he had confessed to his addiction and I had become his accountability partner.  I still thank that was the major mistake that we made. But this still doesn’t answer the question of how to men and women keep from becoming too entangled with each other.

While at the retreat I found a book called Just Friends by Mike Ray and Cary Schmidt.  Even though it is meant for teens I’m sure this has something for me.  I will post about it as I read it.  But I still want to finish The Art of War and read A Worthy Model by Wendy Burks first.

I will skip straight to it if Edward and I are allowed to contact each other before that point though.

Lement of a Soldiers Wife

You’re better off grass by the roadside
Than a wife to a soldier at war.
The wedding bed not even warm
Her man’s now on the northern front.
She remembers the day they parted
How the snow flew o’re the landscape
Ice splitting his horse’s hooves
He is far from home
How can they hope to meet?
It saddens her even to see sun and moon
That shines on both her and her man
Pining and pining she longs
When will it ever end?
Every night in labored dreams
Her spirit crosses to the northern front so far.
But there is a rule in the army
To be careful all the time
They cannot think of home and family
But work mindlessly for defense
Since ancient times men loyal to duty
All have learned to die.

Mastering the Art of War - Zhuge Liang’s and Liu Ji’s commentaries on the classic by Sun Tzu

Bad ground is land that lacks stability and is unsuitable for building fortifacations and trenches. It is best to leave such terrain a quickly as possible.

This is from Ho Yanxi’s commentary on Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

It’s one thing that I see as applicable to the inner war against addiction.  If a ground isn’t stable you should move on.  But to what?  The only stable place to fight addiction from is God’s will.