A Worthy Model: Conclusion: The Devil’s Deceit

II Corinthians 11:3
Dissected and defined by Wendy Burks:
But I fear, lest by any means (but I am alarmed that somehow), as the serpent (Satan) beguiled (deceived) Eve though his subtilty (by his craftiness and trickery), so your minds (perception) should be corrupted (ruined, destroyed, spoiled) from the simplicity (singleness, liberty, freedom) that is in (surrounded by the boundaries of) Christ.

The virtuous woman seems imposable sometimes.  That is what the Devil wants us to think.  God wouldn’t give us a goal that was imposable for us to reach with His help.  Don’t let the Bible’s correction dishearten us.

When we do that we become insecure.  I’ve noticed that I have the same insecurities as some of the great women of the Bible: lack of trust in leadership (Esther), loneliness (Ruth), insecurity as a result of sin (Bathsheba) and relationships with men (and women) (woman at the well).

We all face insecurities.  Reaching out to God to overcome them is what frees us from them.

There were other things about being a wife and a mother that I couldn’t use now.  I think most of that stuff straightens itself out if you are fully filled with the Spirit.  That I can work on now.

A Worthy Model: 22 The Blessed Reward

Proverbs 31:31
Dissected and defined by Wendy Burks:
Give her of the fruit of her hands (Let her have and see the reward of her effort); and let her own works praise her in the gates (and her activities and actions will will show her great satisfaction, shine, glory, and commendation to those around her).

How do we make our actions praise us?  We cannot.  That would be something that is meant for God to do.

God made us as a part of His plan to bring glory to himself.  So if we are to have glory ourselves and bring glory to God we need to be in the place God made for us in His plan.

Outside of God’s will for our lives, we are left looking for fulfillment and glory in the empty places that the devil has women looking for it.

A Worthy Model: 21 The Beauty Queen

Proverbs 31:30
Dissected and defined by Wendy Burks:
Favor (beauty or graciousness) is deceitful (can be a lie), and beauty (outward grace, feature, or ornament) is vain (is empty): but a woman that feareth the Lord (has an extreme reverence for God), she shall be praised (she will be counted worthy; she will be commended).

This was covered this in chapter 18 a little.  A side from a little review, Burks points out that women channeling the Holy Spirit has something special about them.  The world might not be about to pin point what it is. But we can.

A Worthy Model: 20 The DeLIGHTful Daughter

I have yet to figure out why this chapter’s title is spelled that way.

Proverbs 31:29
Dissected and defined by Wendy Burks:
Many daughters (an abundance of woman - in quantity, size, age, number, rank quality) have done virtuously, (have practiced moral duties and abstained from vice) but thou excellest them all (but you outdid or surpassed them all).

I had been told once that these were the words of the virtuous woman’s husband, and I have to agree that with the way the language flows.  Wendy Burks however thinks it is the biological or heavenly Father speaking.  This is when I wish the KJV had quotation marks.  If just this verse is a quote than I would say it is the husband.  However if this and the remaining verses is a quote than I would believe it is a heavenly Father.

I have to go back in time to the days of this translation and bring the concept of quotation marks with me.  I feel like it is the thing I miss most with my KJV.

But out of my future husband, my earthly father and my Heavenly Father, I would rather hear it from the later.

A Worthy Model: 19 Her Fan Club

Proverbs 31:28
Dissected and defined by Wendy Burks:
Her children (those under her) arise up, (confirm and decree) and call her blessed; (and call her honest, level, right, happy) her husband also, (and those over her) and he praiseth her (raves about her).

When you defined it that way application can be appeal to single women can easily be spotted.  So easy that Burks just doesn’t bring it up at all.  I get that she is pushing family as a woman’s number one service, but there are some that are hoping to get something from this book now while we are single.  And as I’ve said a bazillon times; not every woman is meant to marry.

She does give an application that signals can use though.  In verse 30 of this same chapter, it says, “Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.”  The fear of the Lord is where the source of the praise the virtuous woman is getting.  She is not trying to please people; but he God she seeks to please.

A single girl can do that. :)

A Worthy Model: 18 Her Focus

Proverbs 31:27
Dissected and defined by Wendy Burks:
She looketh well (she peers into the distance by observation) to the ways (at the goings or walk) of her household (of her family), and eateth not (does not partake or devour) the bread of idleness (the uselessness; worthlessness; laziness; or reluctance to labor).

The virtuous woman looks to the future of the walk of that her family has with the Lord.  Normally I would say that this is the role of the husband, however, it is true that unless the wife also has the walk of the family as a concern, she could undo or not be on the same page as her husband’s spiritual leadership.

In my church, we have lots of women with children who’s husbands have yet to get saved.  In these cases the woman is the spiritual leader.

This is why the virtuous woman can’t be lazy.  She is always watching for the best for her family.

A Worthy Model: 17 Her Beautiful Words

Proverbs 31:26
Dissected and defined by Wendy Burks:
She openeth (opens wide or loosens her mouth (her speech) with wisdom (skill, wisdom, and wit); and in her tongue (instrument of speech) is the law (precept or statute) of kindness (rarely reproof; piety, beauty, mercy, favor, good deed).

I love those goddly woman that always know what to say.  So full of the Spirit that it shows in their speech.

Burks points out that the way get have this speech is to meditate on God’s words, begin each day with God’s words and let’s God tell us what words to speak.

As a wanna be writer, I’m most interested in this.  If my words are to stay on paper and be remembered for anything, I would like them to be remembered for being from the Lord.  Even if I write fiction, I would like God to be in it.

A Worthy Model: 16 Her Spiritual Closet

Proverbs 31:25
Dissected and defined by Wendy Burks:
Strength (force, might, power) and honor (magnificence; beauty, honor, majesty) are her clothing; (apparel; clothed with) and she shall rejoice (laugh; make merry…a great stirring of exultation and joy that demonstrates itself with an outward emotion) in time to come (later in life).

This is my favourite verse because the past verses need strength to follow as an example.  Burks speaks of clothing going on every morning in our devotions with God.  This close, intimate time with God gives us the strength form God to do what he plans for us that day.

Life does have it’s season and it looks like the virtuous woman has her fair share of one filled with hard work and bearing the burdens of her family.  But God promices joy in the end for her.

A Worthy Model: 15 A Woman of Integrity

Proverbs 31:14
Dissected and defined by Wendy Burks:
She makes or does fine linen (from root word which means to envelop; shirts, sheet), and sells it as merchandise; and brings belts for apparel by implication a peddler; who conducted mercantile caravans.

At first Wendy Burks goes with what I would expect this verse to mean.  The virtuous woman is not idol, and is productive enough to have enough to sell.  Then she jumps right into what she sees the virtuous’ woman’s work as.  I see productivity.

Wendy Burks saw integrity.  The virtuous woman has a moral code that she sticks to even during the hard times.  Job is used as the example of a person with integrity. 

His integrity is maintained though times of great distress (Job 2:3).  Satan likes challenging integrity (Job 2:4-5).  Integrity does not give in to pressure from others (Job 2:9-10).  Integrity accepts adversity for God’s sake, and refuses to sin (Hebrews 12:11).  Real integrity is demonstrated when things go wrong (Job 27:2-6).  Being a person of integrity means remaining unimpaired and sound in God’s righteousness and placing our loyalties and affections on Him regardless or our circumstances (Job 31:6).

Integrity shows when our motivations are being tested.  We could be doing the right thing as long as it benefits us, but to do the right thing when it hurts.  That can only happen through God.

A Worthy Model: 14 The Help Meet

Proverbs 31:23
Dissected and defined by Wendy Burks:
Her leader, the one to whom she is married is known (from root word which means ‘to know or properly to ascertain by seeing’) in the place of government decision making, when he is among other leaders.

I read this verse and always thought of a politically connected husband.  I have to admit I hated the idea.  Likely I had imagined he would be the same as the others I have seen with those connections; stating out well but ending up corrupted by the daily exposure to manipulation by there peers.  I will always hate watching a person rot from the outside in that way.

What Wendy Burks says, though, is that this verse reminds her of Proverbs 12:4. “A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness to his bones.”

My husband could be honoured because of me?  D’aw how nice.

I have never thought that men could be judged by their wives but that makes sense I believe. If a man had a virtuous woman for a wife I could see other men getting jealous of him.

A Worthy Model: 13 The Daughter of the King

Proverbs 31:22
Dissected and defined by Wendy Burks:
She maketh herself a garment that conceals of a kind of wool and skill, often enriched with gold and silver; her apparel is the fine, soft thread produced by the insect called silk-worm; or fine linen that has been bleached and purple, a color composed of red and blue blended, much admired, and formerly the Roman emperors wore robes of this color.

I know a verse on dress was coming at some point. This verse makes her apparel seem quite formal and over the top for doing sewing, cooking, cleaning up after kids or shopping for groceries. I think this is part of what confuses me about woman’s clothing.  We are representing God with our appearance while doing everyday tasks.  How do you balance dressing for your activities  and dressing like a King’s daughter?

I know that the virtuous woman would not dress to tempt men to lust after her.  I also know that her clothes are well maintained.  Her clothes should also be feminine but I keep being told I do not even know what that is.

I’m glad to see that Mrs. Burks did not take this time to start listing rules for dress.  Because I think a woman’s fashion will reflect her heart.  If her heart is turned toward God, her clothes will show it.

I’m not saying that Christian organizations should not have standards.  That should and need to have them.  But I feel like we need to remember the words of Casting Crowns in the song What This Word Needs.  “God’s gotta change her heart before He changes her shirt.”

Who thought this was going to be me ranting about pants and skirts?

A Worthy Model: 12 The Protective Provider

Proverbs 31:21
Dissected and defined by Wendy Burks:
She is not frightened by the elements for her family: all of her family are covered: appareled with cloth of bright red.

Since the virtuous woman is making the clothes for her family, she can provide clothing for the weather that her family faces.  She and her family are prepared.

There are different threats to the family other than just the weather.  I think the biggest threats that I see are spiritual.  Divorce and undisciplined children are some of the symptoms of the disease that Satan has placed in homes today. Mother’s are having to teach children spiritual issues at early ages so that they can defend themselves in the battle ground that is school or after school activities.

Mother are preparing kids for the outside world with schooling, and real word education.

A Worthy Model: 11 The Compassionate Neighbor

Proverbs 31:20
Dissected and defined by Wendy Burks:
She  reaches out out with her power; her work to the depressed,in mind or circumstances; yea, she spreads her power to the in the sense of want: especially in feeling.

I am stuck by the diversity that the dissected verse shows the virtuous woman ministering to. Depressed in mind are those that lack education.  Depressed in circumstance are those that lack things in like like housing or money or good health.  Sense of want would be the unsatisfied, the natural state of the unsaved human spirit and a condition

So she isn’t picking and choosing one group to minister over another.

A Worthy Model: 10 The Satisfied Seamstress

Proverbs 31:19
Dissected and defined by Wendy Burks:
She stretches out her power to the pin used on which thread was spun, and her power holds the staff from which the thread is drawn.

Wendy points out that little is said about this verse that speaks of making thread.  I have this belief that it is because it is a continuation of the idea from the last verse.  Working with he hands on even the smallest of tasks.

The only thing beyond this that the verses shows is  that she is not multitasking.  Both hands working.

A Worthy Model: 9 The Night Owl

Proverbs 31:18
Dissected and defined by Wendy Burks:
She perceiveth though smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight that her profit from her work is pleasant, precious bountiful; conducive to happiness; her light stays bright in darkness.

Why do people complain about sleep?

I can easily be the first one up reading my Bible and journalling and the last one to bed trying to finish up an RU challenge.  I see that as life.  It happens while we are awake.

Anyway as most mother’s know you have to wait to the kids are asleep to get anything done.  So she perceives the bigger picture and does not dwell on the mundane and presses on.