one good way to make friends is to roll your eyes back into your head and scream I MUST FIND A MORE SUITABLE HOST BODY

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Passion & Purity: 34 His Sublime Keeping

When you find me reading a novel you fine someone deeply connecting to the characters.  Like I was reading Animorphs 45 The Revelation on the train when I got to the part where Marco is watching is father’s head get shoved into a Yeerk pool.  Marco could do nothing but observe his father become a slave to an alien slug with no will of his own.

A random passenger broke the drama of the moment by asking if I was ok.  A tear had escaped my eye.  “I’m fine,” I said then switched to another book in my kindle.

Passion and Purity is written to doing that with Elisabeth so easily.  So when I realized that this chapter was about seeing Jim, then not seeing him for a year, then seeing him, all without getting a plain go ahead from God, I was driven a little crazy.

I know they are learning and growing but if just reading it drives me crazy then imagine if I had to live it.  I have rushed romance before…

Dear Lord, I’m going to do something that I’m already facepalming myself for but I know I need it.  Give me patience.  I need it to learn to endure.

Restoring Respect: Go To a Convenion

I wanted to get my eye makeup just right. It should be a throw back to ancient Egypt. How else would the Andalite know that I was the host to Ma’at?

This is me at my first science fiction convention. It was like our own universe that we had made online was real. I shared stories and writing tips with the others there.

It was a blast. However I knew that I needed fellowship with those that would help me understand something greater than who would win in a battle over earth; yeerks or goa’uld?  You see I knew that there was another all too real war over earth and even though I know the winner I know that I need to be fed because I was a soldier in that war.

Edward and I broke away from everybody else on Sunday morning to go to church.  It was a blast.  The pastor met Edward for the first time but most importantly I heard a man that knew more about God tell me how to get closer to Him and how to get to know him better.

When we skip church what are we telling people that watch us?  That there was something more important.  I know that I had a testimony to uphold. Plus the Bible tells up to “not forsake the assembling of yourselves together.  It is commanded of us.