Healthy Walks

"I don’t need medication," I reasoned. "I’m fine.

"No," Edward said.  "You’re limping from the pain."

"But I get the pain everyday."

"So you have chronic pain.  Take some medication and see a doctor."

Edward and I were known for arguing, but this was the first time we were arguing in person in front of people.  We aren’t violent but we have minds that are hard to change.

"So do we leave so you to can either kill each other start to make out?" a visiting British friend asked.

"We could kill you," I think we both said at the same time.

Over the years I had let something change the way I walked. It was unhealthy even though I felt like it wasn’t limiting me.  But it was and I had to get it checked.

Turns out I have a normal problem that can be fixed with physical therapy; a painful way to reteaching me how to walk right.

Isn’t that how it is with my addiction?  I let a little lust in my life thinking that it was ok, maybe even even healthy because I was coming out of a lesbian way of life and not feeling any temptation from men. I let it alter my walk.  Then I found a man that I wanted to help be free from sex addiction.  I stumbled because I had altered my walk into an unhealthy one.  Now I have to correct my walk.  It might be painful but to be able to have God’s will for my life to the fullest I must.