Ephesians 6:12 We Wrestle not with fresh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rules of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wichedness in high places.

There is a war but it is not against people.  But against the unseen spiritual evil forces that Satan rules.  Even with addiction it is true.  I am not treating what my flesh wants; I am treating want my soul wants.  When I treated the addictions just focusing on my flesh, I was hurting myself and readying myself to hurt Edward.

Give the heart a longing for God.  Keep the heart clear of sinful thoughts.  This is a way out of addiction.

My mind shall be a battle ground where a spiritual battle is present.. I supply each side of the battle with arms and food.  I pick who wins.  The battle makes me stronger.  For I was not made to be distracted by things of the flesh or hand my body over to them.  Such workings hurt my relationship with God.  He forgives when I fail.  Thank Him for grace.  But that heavenly joy that comes from fellowship with Him will be disrupted.  Making it harder to do as He would have me to do.

Reformer Unanimous 2/17/12

RU principle 2 “Every sin and its origin in the heart.”

That like the theme of the this week for me.  I haven’t been killing thoughts as I should and my day count reflects that.

God even used cell phone failure and Ruth to show me that.  I sent the principle out by text to the other AZ before the event started.  Ruth asked me what that had to do something I had said was keeping me from recording my lines for an audio drama.  The reason I had given had a perverted lie I told to make it more interesting.  It was a lie but I had to think of it.

Poor Ruth was so confused but I was convicted and she got the message; don’t let me venture into the land of dirty jokes.

For second talk, I spoke of the peace I have on Valentine’s day and for the first time I hinted to my challenge group that I was in some type of relationship.  Saying that was a big step for me.

I didn’t take notes during third take because my pen ran out of ink and my pencil ran out of led.  But I do remember that it was about having focus on God and not being entangled in other things.  A soldier isn’t thinking about the game while in the line of fire because its too dangerous.  We should put ourselves out there fighting the devil so we remember that.