Bring the Challenge

After I was done with physical therapy for the first time, I was talking to Edward’s accountability partner.  Edward is looking for a career in medicine and physical therapist hit me as his speed.  Most time is spent one on one.  I’ve been two more times and I still stand by that.  In fact I’m loving the environment there and I think I know why.

I love a challenge that will improve me or a friend.  But if I’m going it alone I have a bad habit thinking I’m doing nothing.  In physical therapy, there is a challenging environment that I’ve improving my health (physically and spiritually because I’m trying to use it learn about “spiritual therapy”).  Yes, it hurts but I’m already stronger.

I love it when I’m around some that I feel challenges my spiritually.  They help me grow in God’s strength.

So at RU Last Night…

I forgot my challenge book.  First week without a challenge.