Notes from my English Papers

     Both of my parents were engineers.  My father studied as part of a trade program and my mother had some college as a music major.  Both did not have college study that applied to their field that they had as their vocations.

     Why are there is no trade programs for preachers or church secretaries?  At what point did Christians start seeing colleges as away train people and why does it continue?

     God did lead me to my Bible College and has chosen to grow me here.  However the gap in acceptable choices in higher Christian education still burdens my mind.  Will this gap ever be filled?

Review of Monsters University

How does innocent Pixar charm mix with anything but innocent college antics?  Monsters University is the answer to that question.

The charming duo of Mike and Sully meet up for the first time and they don’t become friends as fast as people who saw Monsters Inc. 12 years ago might have thought.  Sully brings natural skill with him to college and plans to just ride that till graduation.  Mike is the study-hard student that has dreamed his whole life of becoming a scarer but is as scary as pocket lint.  The differences keep them from being able to bond.  But soon they find themselves out the scaring major because of there short comings.

There seems to be no hope for these two until they enter the Scare Games with a fraternity of other scare rejects.  Now they have to work together to keep there dreams of scaring alive.

Like most Pixar films, friendship is the main theme of the story.  Sully and Mike are likely the best characters I’ve seen used in a buddy story and the same is true for this film.  Would I take a child to see this?  Since the film does have some scary elements, it is about scaring kids enough to scream after all, so I take any child that could handle Sully roaring at them.  There are of course the downsides of this being about college an including a PG look at frat parties.

I think the most positive note is that even Sully or Mike would break the rules to get ahead there were always consequences.  To often in kids film they get away with such things.  Honesty, hard work and friendship are proven to be the best way to make dreams come true.

Its Summer!!!

Y’all have been great followers this term.  Even a few of you joined during this time.  I’m hoping you checked back a few pages and my testimony so you know my normal content.

They say college, especially Bible college changes you.  I know that if you are the person changing that you don’t always notice the difference being made.  So where do I beginning in looking for differences in me?  I really have no idea but I could start with just the basics as I see them.  And the expected changes I didn’t make.

More time in prayer
I knew prayer was important but never really got the idea of praying without seasing down well.  I still don’t.  I have learned that it is one of the best ways to keep a close walk; always be talking to the Father.  I started by trying to maintain the sweet spirit of the girls’ dorm after revile.  My life was lacking this so much.  I should have been working more on this years ago.

No better at making friends
By this I’m referring to real life.  I was known, as usual, for keeping my nose in my books and homework but I tried my best to be friendly.  The only two girls seemed to really get to know me as a friend this term and seem sad to see me go home.  But no one else gets close to these girls.  I seem to have the have a chance to be friends with those that others have forsaken again.  I wouldn’t give that up for all the real life friends in the world.

I never would have thought I would throw away my membership sci fi forum that Edward and I met on. But after realizing that the posts were just filling my head with garbage, I broke my ban on the site to deactivate my account. No one has said anything to me about it and I’m hoping to still be a part of their travel network. Every time I’ve used it, a forum member has heard the gospel. That is my one reason for having the account. I have Facebook for that now.
I joined Pinerest. Apparently this is a very feminine thing to do. I am still being a rebel and not starting a wedding board. Ha ha Internet!

Sister connection
The main reason I didn’t want to go to Northern Bible College was because my sister was already there and we don’t get along at all. This hasn’t changed. I will admit that when I first got there her harsh treatment of me caused a bit of talk among the students. I have good hearing so I could hear the buz it made on campus. There were days when I would check my room to make sure it was empty before crying. I wanted no one to know it hurt or that I still thought I deserved it.

A combination of my sister and the preachers’ warnings against disqualifying oneself for ministry stared pulling me down because my guilt was still there. Then y’all might remember when I seemed to embrace God’s forgiveness even more and despise that he still wanted to use me. That gave me a new resilience to my sister’s rejection and people who wanted me to stop going into ministry to these forgotten people. I also don’t live in fear of being kicked out of the dorm if a data leak happened and I wanted to be set aside for the Master’s use.

Trust had to be required for school and because mommy wasn’t there to voice my worries to, I only had God left. He never let me go hungry or without time to study or without a ministry moment. He even made sure I wasn’t doing too much in my own power. I’m learning more to just rest in His arms.

I still love them and still think wearing them isn’t a sin or cross dressing as others have said but I do see the results of not wearing them. It is a good conversation starter on spiritual things. But you can’t start with “I would rather wear pants” and still have the witnessing opportunity. If people get saved because I’m in a skirt, it is worth it. I’m home now and wearing jeans under a short dress. Feminine and modest while not looking like the world.

Notes from my Last Doctrines Homework

3.      Explain the concept of Past, Present, and Future judgment as it relates to a saved person.
The cross was the past judgment where the power of Satan over the saints was broken and saints’ sins were put away.  Everyday the believer must examine his own heart and judge his sin or God will judge for not growing closer to Him.  There is a future judgment where the saints actions will be judged and rewards will be given and lost.

Notes from my Doctrines Homework

9.      What events must occur before the coming of Christ for His saints?
No event is required to occur before the coming of Christ.

Notes from my Doctrines Homework

9.      What does it mean when the author says that the Bible is animated?
When Strouse says the Bible is animated he means that the Bible is alive with the power of God.

10.      Write out completely four verses that indicate that the Bible is preserved forever.
Psalm 119:152
Concerning Thy testimonies, I have known of old that Thou hast founded them for ever.

Psalm 119:89
For ever, O Lord, Thy Word is settled in heaven.

Isaiah 40:8
The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the Word of our God shall stand for ever.

Matthew 24:35
Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My Words shall not pass away.

From January 14th

On January second of last year, I started this blog. I believe I should look at the growth and changes God has made since then in my life.
This blog was started in the pain of my grandmother’s death, trying to end my relationship with Edward and the holidays fading into history. Grandma’s passing wasn’t as painful as it could have been because a hard to reach family member was saved at her funeral.
My own sinful relationship with Edward was my biggest source of pain. Lust had taken a root in my heart for males this time. And I was afraid of further pain from changing my mind to better match God’s.
God had given me a burden for to minister to gays and I didn’t want to take proper steps needed to go into the field. College was an unattainable level of education because of my poor writing.
I was sick with fear and myself.
As I type this now I’m sitting in the common room of my Bible college in the Northmen snows. Classes begin tomorrow. I’m far from concurring my lust problems, but I’ve gone sixty-two days straight without acting on it. Edward and I haven’t spoken to each other since January nineteenth of last year. Even though he is a good friend, I’m not going to rush to speak with him or try to get a boyfriend here for sixteen months.
God is working slowly and surely in me to get me ready for ministry. I’m getting ready to see what He has in store for this year.
Here’s to college writing and God’s preparation and more growth this year!

chews-n-brews replied to your post: God Wants Me to Give Ever…

I can relate to this SO much, as I am an aspiring creative writing major and I, too, have extreme difficulty writing. But when you hear His call, you gotta take it. He doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. I wish you luck!!!

lookingupandforward replied to your post: God Wants Me to Giv…

aw, praying for you!! you can do this!

Alex, part of the fun of your blog our the odd things we have in common even though we have chosen to live very different lives.  I’ve seen God do some qualifying already by teaching me how to love with out being motivated by the guilt of my past.  As the For King and Country song says, I want my life to life to be the proof of His love to those that many churches have sinfully refused to love.  It’s taken a lot of work and God has let me know that more still need to be done.

Thank you, Victoria.  Prayers will be needed and much appreciated.  This isn’t about what I can do, but what God can do with a broken typewriter like me.

God Wants Me to Give Everything and Not Hold Back Anything

So He has asked me for something I didn’t want to give.  College.

No, not leaving a college but going to one.

After I dropped out of college to care from my sick grandmother, I vowed never to darken the halls of higher learning as a student again.  It was a matter of pride.  Colleges are indoctrination machines that would judge me based on the one thing I thought I couldn’t do: write.

I would try to train for my new career with on the job training or an internship or an apprenticeship.  But as I kept fighting Gods will, I found that every training option required at least a One Year Bible Degree in fundamentalist circles where I would want to get my doctrinal education from.

One of the reasons why I’ve been less excited than I should be is because I’m not going to be able to post a Cheyene while I’m there.

So I’ll be leaving in January.  I’ll be back though.  I’ll miss you guys so much though so I will try to make it on as much as I can.

Why Are Y’all Following Me?

Wow I love new followers.  So for the new people I’m Cheyene.  It’s a fake name but I like it.  I’m a city girl but I’ve had my time on the family farm.  I like all weird foods. I follow politics a little too much and I love people way too much.

I only know love because of my dear Lord showing how much He cared for me at the cross.  My love is still tainted with sin though.  By strengthening my walk with God, I hope to prepare myself for loving those I minister to and maybe a husband one day.

In January, I head off to a northern Bible college to start my ministry training. The LGBT community has my heart and God has called me to them.

I love to talk to y’all.  I have Facebook and Skype so hit up my ask box for my names.

So who are all o’ y’all?

Take classes at a community college, if you have one :) That’s what I’m doing! And I’ve been homeschooled all my life..high school senior this year. I started at my local college last fall and I like it a lotttt. I’ll keep you in prayer!

I tried college once already though and hated it.  The degree I would be trying to get would be one year Bible to start.  But I’m one of those people not made for college.  I haven’t felt lead to a college yet either.