Passion & Purity: 36 I Have You Now Unravished

… Glad I’m not jaded by night in bed with you, as married couples are.  They can bear to sit at opposite side of the car.  I’m glad I still can’t quite keep my hands off you, still must be warned not to “muss you up.”  I have you now unravished, and that is just how I need you now.  The schoolboy in me still wonders and is awkward-we’ve not had “experience”-which takes the edge off.  We will, I suppose, get used to each other, the feel and smell and look of one another, but I am glad it is not so now.  As I never felt before, I feel now that I must keep myself for you.  God knows it is a stay to purity, and He knows how many shaking to purity are ahead.

So in case you couldn’t tell by that they got the green light from God.  Jim writes something here that sums up this chapter nicely.

I remember Edward’s wonderment because this was the first time he was snuggling.  He had simple questions like, “what does a kiss feel like?”

He knows they answer to that question and a few others and wishes he didn’t know the answer too.  Discovering the answers is part of the fun of the honeymoon.

My wonderment I knew was lessened because of my experience.  I knew the basics of kissing and nuzzling.  Stubble was amazing because it was first time with that.

I’m sorry I robbed Edward’s wife of watching him have full wonderment.  I’ve done a disservice to my husband as well.

Passion & Purity: 29 They Abstain From Nothing

Rules are everywhere.  At work you are told what to do and how to do it and how to look while doing it.  The streets you walk on have laws to keep crime down.  Boards that you post on have rules about what can be seen there.  I think everyone knows rules are needed and until they find one they don’t want to follow.  I would say that the man made rules that have gotten so stupid hurts the status of the other rules.  People don’t seem to regard them unless there is a reason.

So rules like “no kissing before marriage” don’t get followed these days and I’m not surprised.  Why just mindlessly follow rules?

Why do you follow rules?  Love is a good reason me thinks.  The most unloving act I ever did to Edward was kiss him.  Not only did it trigger my addiction, but it drove his heart to lust after me more.  I was fueling a sinful dangerous flame.  He had no rule against kissing before marriage though.  So I didn’t brake any ofhisrules.

But when, as I think anyone can see now, I shouldn’t have followed Edward’s rules. I should have followed God’s.  It isn’t a matter of following rules its a matter of following God.

Passion & Purity: 28 How Much Can a Kiss Tell You?

Don’t give dirty answer to question asked in tittle…

Yay I didn’t do it. Woot!

I’ve kissed two people, I’m not going to deny that a kiss helps you learn things about people.  But nothing useful outside of anything sexual.  If you wanted to get to to know a person’s spirit to listen to them and observe them.

There is something that I kiss does tell you.  If a person temps you to kiss when you have told them you are saving it for marriage you have a person that is tempting you to leave the path you believe God has for you.

How do we know if someone is “sexually compatible” though?

This was a fear I had when I first allowed the thought of marriage to a man enter my head.  But I’ve had to learn to trust God.  When he picks a husband He knows what He is doing.  Stay in his will and trust.

Sarah and Chuck

He saw her walk in to the Buy More and his breath was taken away.  She seemed interested in him.

It was their fist date.  He was a nerd how was she giving him time of day.  Then he learns that she is an FBI handler and he has a soy computer in his head.  Her job was to protect him.  They became boyfriend and girlfriend as a cover.  But it was all fake.  There was no feelings for him back.

Then they found that bomb.  The Intersect couldn’t disarm it.  He closed his eyes awaiting death.  But then, to his surprise, she kissed him.  That was real.

But they lived and pretended it didn’t happen.  Spies can’t fall in love for real.

Then as a gift Chuck is freed from the computer that had given him his spy edge. He could be real with Sarah now but she would be reassigned.

But gets another download.  He services his country with Sarah by his side.  His family learns of the truth of Chuck’s other life.  Real can happen.

Wedding.  A real wedding and Sarah is in white, smiling at him.  Even then shots are taken.

Carmichael Industries is formed from their FBI roots.  Married with no intersect between them.  But they must fully free themselves of the chains of deception before they can live there dream life.

But it looks for them.  Sarah loses her memory trying to save Chuck.

He tells her the story of there love.  She can’t remember.  But she is falling in love again.


This can not be true, I wouldn’t know though.

It is true though.  I have kissed and shot a gun and that is why I’m saving kissing for the alter.  I mean it this time.


This can not be true, I wouldn’t know though.

It is true though.  I have kissed and shot a gun and that is why I’m saving kissing for the alter.  I mean it this time.

Why the Train System in my City is a Trigger

I have been trying to figure out why the train system of my city pulls my mind into the gutter. Today I saw why. A couple on the platform was kissing and holding each other. Then once I was on the train they continued while the man next to them was reading a news paper with a page of almost naked women facing me.

I have no choice but to use the train since I am unable to drive.  It makes me feel a little trapped.

I’m just using this post to rant now…….