More than Just the Knees

My bad walk hurt more than my knees.  My therapist noticed that my side lifts are very week because of how I’ve been moving my hips.  I’ve been told that the therapy will help my hips but I need to be mindful of them.

Spiritual weakness in one area of life can weaken other parts of life that you aren’t noticing yet.  Ask God were you are weak and remember to do what you need for strengthen your faith.

you go girl! don’t walk too much now, you don’t wanna hurt your knee :)

I did have to go back to my on pain meds.  But if I do this right there might be a job in it.


My bone was out of place again.  Something that hardly bothered me before was driving me crazy now.  My physical therapy was working and making me more sensitive to my knee getting out of place.

"I need to sit with my legs straight," I tell the group I’m with.  I know how to keep from mistreating my joints now by being better attuned to what my knees needs.

The same goes for growing closer to God.  You become more aware of the leading of the Holy Spirit and take better care of your spiritual health because you can hear him guide you the right way better.