Passion & Purity: 37 Hold God to His Bargain

Neither my ex-girlfriend or Edward were good with the written words to express the world or love.  Its a skill I hope I have for my husband.  That words could make love a tangible thing that you can hold in your hand.  One doesn’t need to be a silvertongue to make the words real then.

Jim’s letters have that locked magic that Cornelia Funke highlighted in Inkheart.  I just have to say that.

Now to make my writing feel like nothing next to his.  People don’t use these reviews as an excuse for not reading the book for yourself.

God doesn’t put his children though the type of love sickness that these two have endured without reward.  The reward is a victorious Christian life though not the normal material rewards promised by those preaching prosperity gospel.  I mean you can get those but a victorious Christian life is something we should want more than a big house for a new car.